Rosen plans huge ad buy in crucial Nevada Senate race

Nevada Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen is reserving an eye-popping $14 million in fall ads for her reelection bid, an early move to shore up her standing in what will be one of the nation’s toughest battlegrounds.

The first-term Democrat’s big ad buy will start in late July and run through the election, meaning she will be on air to the tune of roughly $1 million a week on average during the campaign’s final stretch. She also released her first ads of the cycle this week.

Rosen’s early reservation is a sign of just how competitive Nevada will be up and down the ballot and comes alongside a $36 million ad reservation from Senate Majority PAC, which is aligned with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The Silver State will once again be a crucial presidential contest, and Nevada’s House races are competitive almost every election cycle.

Stewart Boss, Rosen’s campaign manager, said she is taking advantage of a competitive GOP primary: “While her extreme Republican opponents are busy trying to out-MAGA each other, Jacky Rosen is reaching Nevada voters for the general election.”

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee is supporting veteran Sam Brown in the race, but he first must dispatch a crowded primary field, including former state Rep. Jim Marchant, former ambassador to Iceland Jeffrey Gunter and 2022 lieutenant governor candidate Tony Grady.

Democrats have generally had the edge in recent Nevada Senate races, but Rosen is bracing for an exceedingly tight race. The GOP took the governor’s office in 2022 and nearly knocked off Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), who won her second term by less than one percentage point.

“She’s going to need it,” said Mike Berg, a spokesperson for the NRSC, of Rosen’s ad buy. “The Nevada Senate race was moved to toss-up by the Cook Political Report yesterday because polls have consistently shown that, despite her incumbency advantage, Jacky Rosen is polling in the high thirties and low forties. That’s a dangerous spot.”