Greene says she will push vote to depose Johnson next week

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Wednesday she will officially trigger the clock to hold a referendum on Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership next week — an effort that now seems doomed.

If the Georgia firebrand brings up her motion to vacate resolution as privileged, it could then force a House vote on Johnson remaining speaker within two legislative days. It would be the second attempt to depose a speaker within seven months.

Unlike the effort against former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Greene’s motion already seems certain to fail, as House Democratic leaders announced Tuesday that they would step in to save Johnson.

“And so next week, I am going to be calling this motion to vacate. Absolutely. I’m calling it. I can’t wait to see Democrats go out and support a Republican speaker and have to go home to their primaries and have to run for Congress again, having supported a Republican speaker, a Christian conservative. I think that’ll play well,” Greene said at a press conference Wednesday morning.