AgoraHub Raises $1M, Aims for $20M Valuation in GameFi

AgoraHub Raises $1M, Aims for $20M Valuation in GameFi

Quick Look

Funding and Valuation: AgoraHub raised $1M in its seed round, aiming for a $20M valuation.
Ecosystem Highlights: Central to AgoraHub are the GameFi Hub, AgoraDEX, Loot Box System, and Digital Identity.
Tokenomics: AGA token is at $0.08, with public sales targeting over $840K, involving a structured lockup and vesting period.
Team and Advisors: Led by CEO Pierre de Viry, with advisors like David Hanson and Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux.
Key Partnerships: Partnership with Ultra enables up to 12,000 transactions per second, enhancing scalability and user experience.

Welcome to the dynamic world of AgoraHub (AGA), a burgeoning force in the decentralised finance (DeFi) landscape, ranked #679. With a commitment to revolutionising GameFi, AgoraHub is setting new benchmarks in the industry. As we dive into the intricacies of this project, we’ll explore its ecosystem, roadmap, tokenomics, funding rounds, and the powerhouse team driving it forward. Let’s embark on this journey to understand how AgoraHub aims to redefine the gaming and financial experience.

Inside Agora Ecosystem: GameFi Hub and AgoraDEX

At the heart of AgoraHub lies its robust ecosystem, a veritable playground for gamers, developers, and investors alike. Central to this ecosystem is the GameFi Hub, a core platform where game distribution and monetisation thrive. Complementing this is the AgoraDEX, a cross-chain decentralised exchange that facilitates seamless token exchanges across various blockchains. Adding a layer of excitement is the Loot Box System, a gamified launchpad offering thrilling rewards to participants. Moreover, the Digital Identity feature ensures secure and personalised user experiences, solidifying AgoraHub’s reputation as a holistic and innovative platform.

Milestones: AgoraHub’s $1M Seed Round, Public Sales Ahead

The roadmap of AgoraHub is a testament to its strategic vision and meticulous planning. Starting from the pre-seed round in Q4 2022, where $500K was raised at a pre-valuation of $4.17M, the project has consistently achieved its milestones. Furthermore, the seed round in Q4 2023 saw an impressive $1M raised, doubling its valuation to $20M. As we stand today, AgoraHub is also gearing up for its public sale phases, with IDOs scheduled on platforms like BullPerks, EnjinStarter, and GameFi. The journey is far from over, with exciting developments planned to expand the platform’s capabilities and reach.

Tokenomics Breakdown: AGA Token at $0.08, Aiming for $840K

The team designed AgoraHub’s tokenomics with precision to ensure long-term sustainability and growth. The AGA token, an integral part of the Agora ecosystem, is trading at $0.08 during the current public sale rounds. Moreover, these rounds include offerings on BullPerks, EnjinStarter, and GameFi, with a collective goal of raising over $840K. The lockup period ensures 25% of the tokens are available at the Token Generation Event (TGE), followed by a one-month cliff and a 12-month linear vesting period. This structure aims to maintain token stability and incentivise long-term participation.

Agora Funding: $1M Seed Round, $350K from IDOs

AgoraHub has navigated its funding journey with remarkable efficiency. The pre-seed round in 2022 raised $500K, setting a strong foundation. The company followed it with the seed round in 2023, which garnered $1M, elevating the project’s valuation. It has also conducted public sales on various platforms, each contributing to the project’s financial fortification. Notably, the IDO on Finceptor raised $250K, while the IDO on Spores brought in $100K. These funding rounds reflect a growing confidence in AgoraHub’s vision and potential within the GameFi space.

Agora Team: Led by Visionary CEO Pierre de Viry

The driving force behind AgoraHub is a team of seasoned professionals and visionaries. The team’s diverse expertise spans blockchain technology, gaming, and finance, ensuring a well-rounded approach to achieving the project’s ambitious goals.

AgoraHub Advisors: David Hanson, Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux

Advisors play a crucial role in steering AgoraHub towards success. Their insights and guidance are invaluable, drawing from extensive experience in the crypto and gaming industries. The advisory board includes notable figures like David Hanson, Co-CEO at Ultra, who envisions AgoraHub as the GameFi golden standard. Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux, Co-Founder at SwissBorg, also highlights the platform’s potential to drive crypto mass adoption. These advisors bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring AgoraHub’s strategies are both innovative and grounded in industry realities.

Public Sales Event: Token Generation from June 11-13, 2024

AgoraHub is buzzing with activity, especially with today’s Token Generation Event and distribution marking a significant milestone. Moreover, the public sale rounds are set to unfold on BullPerks, EnjinStarter, and GameFi, spanning from June 11 to June 13, 2024. These IDOs aim to raise substantial capital, propelling AgoraHub further into the DeFi spotlight. The structured lockup and vesting periods are designed to ensure stability and sustained interest in the AGA token, fostering a robust and engaged community.

Partnership with Ultra: 12,000 Transactions Per Second

A pivotal partnership with Ultra underscores AgoraHub’s commitment to excellence. Ultra, a blockchain designed for Web3 gaming and GameFi ecosystems, offers fee-less transactions and high transaction speeds, processing up to 12,000 transactions per second. This partnership enhances AgoraHub’s scalability and distribution, streamlining game management and marketing. Ultra’s developer tools simplify blockchain integration, while its user experience features reduce barriers to entry, making AgoraHub accessible to a broader audience.

AgoraHub is poised to be a trailblazer in the GameFi space, merging gaming with financial opportunities in a seamless and engaging manner. With a solid ecosystem, strategic roadmap, sound tokenomics, and robust funding, AgoraHub is well-equipped to achieve its ambitious vision. Backed by a talented team and guided by experienced advisors, the project stands ready to make significant strides in the blockchain gaming industry. As the public sales unfold and the platform continues to grow, AgoraHub invites you to join its journey and be a part of shaping the future of Web3 gaming.

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