The Pi Coin Mainnet Launch is Set for 2024

The Pi Coin Mainnet Launch is Set for 2024

The community of cryptocurrencies is very interested in the Pi Coin. The Pi Network is a digital currency project that allows users to mine Pi cryptocurrency using a mobile app on a blockchain network. Its potential as a reputable payment company has helped it become extremely popular. 

Pi Coin is a remarkable invention that has the potential to transform the cryptocurrency mining industry completely. It is not just another digital currency. With the release of Pi Coin in 2019, mining became accessible to regular people with desktop or mobile devices. The mathematical constant π, which represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and represents innovation at its best, is where the coin got its name.

Pioneers Pi, with more than 51 million app users, has attracted much attention due to its focus on accessibility and usability. Using a mobile mining app, users can easily earn Pi Coins and contribute to network security. Recent developments evidence that the project has the potential to be widely adopted and useful. This includes gaming, DeFi, and metaverse applications. 

If we consider only Twitter followers, the Pi Core Team and the Ethereum Foundation tie for first place. But Pi is more than that; it also aims to serve as a payment system once it launches fully. Many people want to know when the Pi Coin Mainnet launch will happen and when it will transition from a closed beta ecosystem to a public network capable of integrating with other exchanges and blockchains.

When is the Pi Coin Mainnet Launch?

The army of “Pioneers” worldwide is approaching only a few key milestones, and 2024 appears to be the year. The group calls it “The Countdown to Pi Open Network 2024”. Based on the same projected date in 2022, some news sites have speculated that the Pi will launch on June 28. However, this information looks to be false. All the company has said on their official Pi Network account is that the mainnet launch will take place in 2024.

On an ingeniously named “mainnet2024” page, the group also suggested a few goals they intend to reach before the launch of Open Mainnet, including:

15 million Pioneers that pass the Know Your Customer (KYC Checks)
100 million Pioneers that move to beta mainnet
100 mainnet-ready apps

We might not wait too long if these goals determine whether the Mainnet will launch. Ten million “Pioneers” in all have finished their (KYC) checks, an increase of 1.45 million between December 2023 and March 2024. Approximately 50 apps—including web browsers, discussion boards, and chat rooms—are mainnet-ready. Meanwhile, from three million in December to 4.6 million now, more users are migrating to the mainnet.

During the Open Mainnet phase, Pi users can exchange their tokens for cash and other cryptocurrencies. It also allows programmers to be creative in creating apps and services on top of the reliable network architecture. Despite this announcement’s excitement, the Pi Network team is exercising caution. They claimed that a sudden change could undermine the community’s achievements thus far.

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