Aptos Foundation partners with Alibaba Cloud to boost Web3 in Japan

The Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud, China’s largest cloud service provider, have announced a new partnership that aims to support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem in Japan.

Aptos Foundation’s alliance with the Alibaba Group’s digital technology platform targets Asia’s emerging hub. The latest collaboration adds to recent milestones from the Aptos team. One of them is Aptos Labs’ partnership with Microsoft and Brevan Howard to build a new DeFi platform dubbed Aptos Ascend.

Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud partner

Specifically, the companies have launched Alcove, the first co-branded Move developer community in Asia.

Alcove will help boost the overall innovation and adoption of Web3 in the Asia-Pacific region via hackathons and education programs around smart contract programming languages, Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud said in an announcement.

“Partnering with the Alibaba Cloud team and with the help of their technology, we aim to create a vibrant environment that allows Japan’s growing interest in Web3 and IP strengths to flourish,” Bashar Lazaar, head of grants and ecosystem at Aptos Foundation, said.

Alcove’s launch will see Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud collaborate to create an environment in which Web3 developers can thrive, the two platforms said. This enabling ecosystem will allow for a digital transformation that brings the next wave of users to Aptos.

“As the foundation working to expand Aptos’ ecosystem worldwide, we’re committed to creating the best user experiences for the next generation of developers, in Japan, APAC and beyond,” Lazaar added.

Japan’s growing Web3 hub

Japan’s regulatory framework, including recent approvals for VCs, has the country in a unique position as hub for Web3 advancement. It’s an aspect that also means Aptos and its partners can tap into regulatory guidelines to promote and accelerate adoption.

This environment is why the Aptos Foundation is taking a proactive approach, starting with a series of initiatives around Alcove.

First off, OKCoin Japan and Alibaba Cloud will co-host the ‘Aptos Mover: Innovation Ripples from Kyoto’ developer meetup on July 3, 2024.

Also organised by Mizu wallet, the event seeks to empower builders by offering tools and knowledge they need to build and deploy real-world products.

The partners will also organise several hackathons and educational programs for the Alcove community, with industry leaders providing insights that nurture the emerging Web3 talent in Japan and the region.

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