Kaspersky security software is banned in America: What you need to know

Kaspersky is a multinational cybersecurity company that makes antivirus software, but it’s now banned in the U.S. The Biden administration recently announced plans to stop the sale of antivirus software from Russia’s Kaspersky Lab in the States, saying the company’s ties with Russia pose a risk to national security. It’s also believed that Kaspersky’s software […]

Former Trump national security adviser details potential game plan to divide ‘axis of evil’

Former Trump administration national security adviser Robert O’Brien on Sunday laid out a potential game plan to divide the so-called ‘axis of evil’ as relations continue to grow between Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. O’Brien appeared on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ and remarked that the Biden administration’s ‘lack of American leadership’ has allowed this […]

Rep. Bowman says AIPAC will see ‘power of the motherf—ing Bronx’ during rally speech

Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York gave a fiery address during a rally on Saturday, criticizing U.S. involvement in Israel in a profanity-filled speech against AIPAC. Bowman specifically called out the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which recently launched a $14 million dollar campaign against his reelection due to his criticisms of Israel. ‘We […]

Trump mocks RFK Jr for not making debate stage: ‘Maybe someday’

Former President Trump released a video Thursday mocking independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for not meeting the requirements to appear at the first presidential debate. The short video, recorded aboard Trump’s private jet, addressed reports that Kennedy had insufficient support in national polls and did not appear on enough state ballots to earn a […]

Biden’s secret weapon in previous national debates may again be a factor during showdown with Trump

Amid the circulation of videos on social media in recent weeks which appear to show President Biden’s mental acuity dwindling and a recent Wall Street Journal report adding fuel to the speculation, low expectations for his performance ahead of the debate next week against former President Trump could buck his chance of victory. And Trump […]