A House GOP stopgap funding bill is making its way to the floor, whether or not it has the votes.

House Republicans’ new stopgap spending measure is already making its way through the House Rules Committee, which gaveled in at 8 a.m. to get moving on the latest bid to avert a government shutdown when funds run dry this weekend. The bill, released overnight, includes nearly 30 percent cuts to non-defense agencies and discretionary programs […]

House GOP’s spending gambit flops

House Republicans failed Thursday night to pass one of their party’s slimmed-down spending measures, another fumble by GOP leaders just days before an impending government shutdown. Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to move Friday to a narrower GOP stopgap funding patch that’s loaded up with spending cuts and border policies, though that measure currently lacks the […]

Conservatives pitch McCarthy alternatives as ouster talk heats up

Conservative hardliners are privately strategizing who could replace Kevin McCarthy if there is an ouster effort against the speaker. But they’re hitting a familiar dead end: They can’t land on a feasible alternative. “You hear all kinds of names thrown out,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), a member of the ultra-conservative caucus, adding that McCarthy […]

What does Matt Gaetz really want?

What is Matt Gaetz‘s endgame: spending cuts, a political boost, or revenge? It’s the question reverberating on Capitol Hill after the simmering feud between the Florida conservative and Speaker Kevin McCarthy flared up again Thursday morning in a closed-door meeting, with one lawmaker telling Gaetz to “fuck off” for leveling unproven accusations against the speaker. […]

The House Freedom Caucus wants answers from Kevin McCarthy on the path forward on government funding — and a rebuke of the Senate stopgap.

More than two dozen members of the House Freedom Caucus are demanding Speaker Kevin McCarthy answer questions about the path forward on government funding while also publicly denouncing a bipartisan Senate stopgap proposal. “No Member of Congress can or should be expected to consider supporting a stop-gap funding measure without answers to these reasonable questions,” […]

The Senate couldn’t override Joe Biden’s veto of legislation axing additional protections for two species under the Endangered Species Act.

The Senate has failed to override President Joe Biden’s veto of two resolutions aimed at overturning expanded protections for two animal species under the Endangered Species Act. Senators failed to hit the two-thirds threshold needed to override Biden’s vetoes of resolutions targeting the lesser prairie-chicken and the northern long-eared bat. Backers of the resolutions, led […]